Our Story

After being part of a leadership team that pioneered a church in Durbanville, Cape Town (1996 – 2003), we reached a place in our lives where we felt that God was calling us to “step out the boat” and plant a church in Paarl. This wasn’t a fleeting idea that “sprung up” overnight. Instead, it was rather a combination of circumstances and a clear calling from God that was confirmed by our Apostolic Leaders as well as friends and family. The months preceding the launch of PFC was filled with excitement, passion and zeal as well as all the necessary “prep” work. This included times where we would drive through to Paarl and spend time in prayer up on the mountain. It was during one of these trips that we asked God a pressing question . . . “God, with so many great churches in the Paarl area, why do you want us to plant another church?” Well, we were hardly finished praying and we felt God share His response to our question . . . . “I don’t want you to “just start” another church – I want you to build a family”. This made immediate sense to us because we realized that Paarl is traditionally a strong “family” based community. Families have been staying in Paarl for generations and just as there is a strong family connection to Paarl, we know that God has called us at PFC to build and establish a strong spiritual family that will also impact the future generations. With this in mind (and heart), we relocated to Paarl and had our first service in our living room in September 2003. We were about 12 adults and 4 children. Our passion for the community of Paarl and the Kingdom of God grows continually. We LOVE the local church and believe that when the local church works well, it’s the most powerful witness to the community. Our hearts is that PFC would continue to be a safe place where others might come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour, as well as learn the values, principles and ways of the King and His kingdom. If we could summarize the “flavour” of our church, then it comes down to one word, that being “family”. We are passionate about building authentic Christ-centred relationships where “visitors” become “family” !