Again, just as you cannot have a “vision” without a definite purpose, so you cannot have a purpose without a common set of values. Values act as a “gauge” and helps us to live life in a certain way. At PFC, we are drawn together by a common set of values that help determine how we live life together as a church family. You’ll notice under each of the 5 purposes, we have attached our core values. MEMBERSHIP Living a lifestyle that represents the ways and principles of the King and his Kingdom. Living a lifestyle where honesty, openness and integrity are evident in our relationships. Living a lifestyle where we are committed to the rest of our church family. Living a lifestyle with relationships buildt on the principles of “Fathers & Sons”. MATURITY Growing a lifestyle that expresses the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Growing a lifestyle where we have a deep, intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. MINISTRY When serving others, we do so with an attitude of excellence. When serving others, we do so through effective team ministry. When serving others, we desire to see Kingdom order established. MISSIONS Reaching out by having a heart for the lost. Reaching out by impacting our community. MAGNIFY We’re a church family that loves to gather for corporate worship. We’re a church family that loves the integrity of the Word. We’re a church family that love vibrant praise and worship.