Ever driven your car with the windscreen all fogged up? . . . Frustrating isn’t it? You cannot see where you’re going because your vision is obscured and the chances are, if you don’t clean that windscreen, you may end up veering off the road. Lack of vision can derail you.

Well, “vision” for a church is much the same. Vision helps us to clearly see where God is taking our church family. At Amplify Church, our vision is to Love God, Love People, Live Life and Advance the Kingdom. To help us walk out this vision effectively, we have a set of values. These values act as a “gauge” and helps us to live life in a certain way.

Our key values are as follows : 
MEMBERSHIP  //  Living a lifestyle that represents and reflects Jesus on earth.
MATURITY  //  Growing and developing a deep and intimate relationship with God.
MINISTRY  //  Pursuing a lifestyle where serving others in excellence is part of our calling to the world.
MISSIONS  //  Living out our faith, understanding that we are “missionaries” to a broken world.
MAGNIFY  //  Expressing our gratitude towards God as we gather for corporate worship.